Artist Statement & Info

"While I consider my artwork to be non-representational, there is no doubt that imagery suggests itself into my work. No matter if I am at home in the Southwest or traveling abroad in Europe, South America, or Asia, the landscape and architecture in particular always inform my personal aesthetic. My intent is the pure exploration of color and line. However, I find it provocative that my work has an emotional impact on the viewer. This confirms my knowledge that humans have a kinesthetic response to art even if the work is nonobjective."

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My work is non-representational Mixed-Media Monoprints and Oil Paintings on panel, canvas, or paper. For the paintings, the surfaces are first prepared with layers of gesso to create a texture before applying the oil. I then use markings or “gestures” of graphite, charcoal, or oil stick to unite the compositions and give structure to the works.

In the process of monoprinting I am working with oil based inks. The painting is done on plexiglass, building up several layers of color and sometimes inclusions of other papers are actually incorporated into the piece for added texture and character. A dampened piece of paper is then laid over the plexi-plate and run through a press thus transferring the painting from the plate to the paper. All works are original as only one print can be pulled from the plate, removing the ink, hence the “mono” print. On some occasions a “ghost “ image, or faint residue of paint may remain on the plate and can be printed, or worked back into, but basically only one intentionally executed print will be made.

In my artwork, I focus on how to dynamically define space in terms of flat surface. The use of color and texture form the underlying basis of each composition. As a process artist, I allow this relationship to evoke image and shape. Depth is created through the interaction between density and transparency of color. Shapes appear to float on the surface or mysteriously recede into the paper or canvas when the layering of color is juxtaposed against color.


I'm more than happy to answer any questions or discuss my work with you over the phone or by email. Hopefully my outdoor exhibition schedule will bring me your way in the near future.